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#theinnovators is a CFE photo series where we meet with the creative talent and alumni supported on the Fashion and Technology Emerging Futures Project. We visit them in the spaces where the magic happens.

British-French design duo Wright Le Chapelain launched their brand in 2017, with women’s suiting and shirting exclusively for BROWNS. They have evolved their collection to include a broader range of womenswear and last season showed on schedule at London Fashion Week.

Born in Britain and France respectively, Imogen Wright and Vincent Le Chapelain draw on their different backgrounds to explore the notion of the familiar within the European wardrobe. Sustainability and ethics are at the core of the brand. Wright Le Chapelain research, develop and manufacture their collections within a ten-mile radius, reducing their carbon footprint and developing a personal relationship with the skilled tailors and seamstresses creating their garments. The integrity of their product is key: they source their suitings from British Heritage Mills and their shirtings from Italy, a transparent production chain from start to finish.

How did you come up with the concept of WRIGHT LE CHAPELAIN?

We started Wright Le Chapelain from a shared vision with sustainability and ethics at the core, we wanted to create collections that would explore familiar codes of dressing within the European wardrobe with a particular focus on the suit.

Outside of your workspace where do you go to find inspiration?

Our collections are very personal, fed by our European and British Identity, they develop through the seasons. Our collection emerge from our everyday experiences from the books we read to the people we meet on the streets of London. It is a very organic process.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction about what you do?

From the very beginning we wanted our business to cultivate what we enjoy within our work. We have always admired craftsmen that love their practices and feel no need to retire from there activity. Our greatest satisfaction comes from producing good work and keeping on learning.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In 5 years time, we want to keep on making the best choices for the environment and the people we work with, each season we are learning and becoming more sustainable as a company.

Quick fire round

My favourite way to unwind is…
Vincent: Meditate
Imogen: Yoga

I could never travel without….
Vincent: My headphones
Imogen: Rescue remedy

The last thing I googled was…
Vincent: Matrix eye wear
Imogen: Don’t use Google use Ecosia it plants Trees !

If my days had one extra hour I would…
Vincent: Sleep 🙂
Imogen: Cook more

Wright Le Chapelain | @wrightlechapelain

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Photography credits – Emi Hyyppa