#theinnovators | Meet Roberts | Wood

#theinnovators is a CFE photo series where we meet with the creative talent and alumni supported on the Fashion and Technology Emerging Futures Project. We visit them in the spaces where the magic happens.

Fabrics take on a new dimension when viewing garments created by London-based designer, Katie Roberts-Wood. Innovative construction techniques form the basis for each design created. A graduate from the Royal College of Art, ROBERTS | WOOD presented the first collection ‘Digitalis’ during London Fashion Week September 2015, after winning the Fashion Scout Merit Award with the brand being immediately picked up by Dover Street Market in London, New York and Tokyo.

The brand describes its aesthetic as ‘a crystallised moment in an evolutionary design process; a pause in the continual exploration of textiles, construction and silhouette’. Her undergraduate degree in medicine also plays a role in the design process which draws influence on the themes of ‘repetition, nature and mathematical patterns’.

As well as being at the CFE studios, ROBERTS | WOOD also have space at the Sarabande Foundation established by the late designer Lee Alexander McQueen. We stopped by to capture Katie, lots of amazing fabrics and the adorable Choux-Choux.


How would you summarise your brand in three words? 

Magical, Creative, Intelligent

How was the concept of Roberts | Wood born? 

From the desire to create a space for creativity through clothing, combined with a technical approach to making very special pieces


Outside of your workspace, where do you go to find inspiration?

Nature – a complete escape is essential to let thoughts germinate, every now and then.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction about what you do?

People being intrigued by what I do and how I make things… my favourite reaction is ‘how on earth did you do that?!’

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Staying creative, being sustainable.

How has being on the Accelerate Programme impacted your business? 

It has been incredible – the support provided by the CFE is so diverse, with expert-led help from Digital Marketing to advise on Production (e.g. sourcing factories and Suppliers) We feel so lucky to have such holistic input to the business, and our development. It has been such a valuable resource.

@roberts.wood | www.roberts-wood.com

ROBERTS | WOOD is currently on the Accelerate Programme, a 2-year programme that fast-tracks emerging London-based designer labels, identifying and strategising areas for growth and funding towards developing a new product process or service.

Find out more about the Accelerate Programme:


Photography credits – Emmi Hyyppa