#theinnovators | Meet Kiren Passi

#theinnovators is a CFE photo series where we meet with the creative talent and alumni supported on the Fashion and Technology Emerging Futures Project. We visit them in the spaces where the magic happens.

The innovation of materials and modern silhouettes form the basis of Kiren Passi’s work. Designs are based on capturing the tension between traditional and contemporary textile methods. Her curiosity around developing new processes is demonstrated through her use of techniques like silicone bonding, 3D printing, acrylic/wood moulding and digital stitching, working with natural fabrics like silk and cotton.

During her degree at UAL, Kiren undertook a design internship at Christian Dior/ John Galliano, she then completed an MA at the prestigious RCA after 10 years of working in the fashion industry. Based in both London and Hong Kong, we visited Kiren at her London studio where inspiration is found for futuristic textile techniques.

How would you summarise your brand in three words?

Futuristic time-honoured fashion.

Creating innovation whilst respecting the past is a philosophy this label believes in.

One that is inspired by three words: Couture, Culture and Community.

How was the concept of Kiren Passi born? 

Through re-engaging with my own identity during a 2 year MA at the Royal College of Art. I started the MA after spending a decade working in the industry as a Womenswear Designer.

Outside of your workspace where do you go to find inspiration?

Asia – my heritage is Indian. I am inspired by worldwide cultural textile communities. My first fashion design job was in Bali, Indonesia. I currently spend time in London and Hong Kong.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction about what you do?

The creative process of experimental design has always satisfied me, the venture into the unknown fash-tech world excites me.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge currently facing your business?

The production methods for the ‘new’ material we are currently developing. Whilst challenging, we have had some progress, which is very exciting.

What would you say is the biggest driver or motivation behind what you do?

A desire to story tell through the creative design process and conceptualising inspiration into tangible pieces that reflect the emotions of today.  Fash-tech gives me the opportunity to combine history with the future.

What do you think will be the next big trend in FashTech?

I am working in the 3D material development world which I think will continue to develop.

How did being on the Fashtech Pioneer Programme impact your business?

The FashTech Pioneer programme had a significant impact. The diagnostic review of the business was highly bespoke. I then received support in the identified areas and built a relevant fash-tech network.

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Kiren Passi is an alumni of the FashTech Pioneer Programme, a six month bespoke and workshop programme delivered by Centre for Fashion Enterprise. The FashTech Pioneer Programme supports fashion technology entrepreneurs who want to redefine the future of the industry. Kiren is now being supported on the Fashion Production 2 Programme a personalised programme for fashion brands ready to expand their supply chain or scale up their production, source new products and develop their team

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Photography credits – Emmi Hyyppa