XO is a fashion and technology brand that creates emotional technologies. XO is scaling their business to bring their products to the masses, taking their unique knowhow from the entertainment industry to build consumer wearable technologies for music fans and fashion followers.

XO established a strong client base in the music industry through Studio XO, a million dollar business delivering couture technologies for artists such as Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. Having dressed the artist, the brand will now turn their attention to the fans to connect fashion products and wearable technology experiences evoking energy, excitement and emotion. At the core of the fashion experience is XO-OS, a new type of social media platform for the body.

XO is launching a line of app-connected fashion and accessories, allowing their customers the ability to instantaneously change the colour of their garments. By connecting fashion to music platforms via the XO app wearers can also animate light emitting textiles to the rhythm of their playlists.

Having recently formed a partnership with a world-class wearable technology manufacturer in China, XO is well placed to break open the market in fashion technology in the Internet of Things sector.

​“The invaluable work the team are doing in the convergence of the technology world and the fashion business. CFE’s work in this emerging industry is second to none, the suite of mentors are a super group of experts across industries which creates an amazing architecture for any business operating between fashion and technology.“ Nancy Tilbury​ XO Co-Founder & Creative Director​