WWAN(1) stands for We Will Always Need and you can pronounce it ONE. Launched by RCA graduate Margaux Clavel in 2016, WWAN(1) is a jewellery brand and a design studio playing with the concepts of uniqueness and needs.

Margaux aims to design and handcraft quality pieces that will last and will make you feel unique and inspiring.

The jewellery are recognizable by their iconic style of textured precious metal gemstones. Using silicone moulds, Margaux replicates real cut gemstones in wax. After being adjusted and carved by hand, these hundreds of wax pieces are gathered to build patterns and volumes. The final designs are cast in precious metals, soldered, shaped, polished, set or plated.

Geometric but also organic, textured and weighty, WWAN(1) ‘s precious pieces are the result of a fascination for wax carving, material experimentations, and past and present inspirations.

Rarely minimal, the designs convey a sense of tradition and heritage. They draw inspiration from Victorian faceted cut steel jewellery, Art-Deco shapes, religious and tribal ornaments or Roman pieces.

WWAN(1) explores traditional styles to create new twisted and edgy classics that you will cherish and pass on to the next generation.

​“Joining the programme is an amazing opportunity! I feel proud and honoured to be given the chance to improve and grow my business under the CFE’s mentorship.” Margaux Clavel