Will Odell Designs create elegant flowing fine jewellery finished with a delectate surface texture set with coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Will is drawn to simple lines and economic forms in design and nature, in particular where the superfluous has been stripped away leaving just the bare minimum allowing the viewers to construct the picture for themselves.

Will was raised in Silverstone and grew up an avid vintage car enthusiast, spending many weekends travelling around the country in 1920s cars and participating in motorsports events. This affinity with cars and the 1920s-30s era has greatly influenced his work, which can be seen through the Art Deco-influenced designs and classic style.

His collections feature distinctive hammer-textured rings, earrings and pendants, made predominantly in gold with traditional techniques, set precious gemstones.

This is a pivotal time for my business, after ten years of natural evolution and growing steadily. I’ve recently taken steps to make significant changes. Therefore it’s very exciting to be part of the pioneer program, to gain from the mentorship, business planning and strategy advice. Will Odell​