A fashion tech start up focused on creating a beautiful, 3D digital garment fitting experience which allows customers to find the perfect fit online.

Virt-U-Code team has been developing a fully integrated API for online fashion retailers, which will provide them with an interactive 3D virtual fitting space for their customers. A personalised virtual avatar with individual’s accurate measurements aims to offer a new engaging shopping experience, minimise the rapidly growing costs of returns for retailers, as well as help reduce landfill waste and carbon footprint.

At the heart of Virt-U-Code’s philosophy is the belief that fashion can be good for consumers, everyone within the supply chain and the environment. Virt-U-Code aims to be part of a new, emerging ecosystem of interconnected companies, working together to create an ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry.

​“We are delighted to be part of the FashTech Pioneer programme and believe that it will support us in building strong foundations for our launch and future growth. Building new business can sometimes feel lonely and having a group of peers and mentors can make all the difference. We especially value the networking opportunities, which can spark collaboration with brands, startups and other industry players.” Virt-u-code Team​