URiBE is a jewellery label founded on the principle design aesthetics of Sion and Tiffany Phillips. With a strong foundation in design and fashion, URiBE is defined by their unique backgrounds, heritage and travel. Sion and Tiffany’s Welsh and Chilean-American roots, respectively, shine through in the collection.

URiBE is playful yet chic, elegant yet understated and made for the modern woman in mind. Our pieces easily translate from day to night and provide timeless designs that can be passed from generation to generation.

Image Credit: Photographer – Juliette Cassidy, Creative Direction – Sion Phillips, Styling – Pau Avia

​“As we have been working mainly in the fashion jewellery sector since our launch in 2014, we feel that it is time to mature and ‘grow up’. Through CFE we hope to establish a better known and more widely communicated bespoke design service for fine jewellery, as well as launch a small range of fine jewellery URiBE pieces.” URiBE