This Is The Uniform is a luxury womenswear brand based in London. Conceptual in its design ethos, the brand explores cultural and social ideas, each collection aiming to draw upon our relationship with clothing and its power to unite and divide us. The brand explores the systems and rules of dress placing particular emphasis on ideas of stereotype, perception and context. Through the dissection and re-appropriation of cult image, super trends, urban tribes and subcultures, This Is The Uniform creates a new sense of belonging.

Drawing inspiration from shapes and cuts that commonly appear on British streets such as the humble tracksuit, the hooded sweat and the jersey tee, the brand celebrates working class identity, explores ideas of class and questions how our aesthetic choices affect our everyday lives.

Though a conceptual brand at the fore, focus is also heavily placed on quality, functionality and fit, each piece designed and manufactured in Great Britain. This Is The Uniform critically examines fashion whilst still valuing its place within it, creating something unique and challenging as a result.

This Is The Uniform was launched by Jenna Young, a graduate of Goldsmiths University, in 2013. The brands initial collection launched what was to be the beginning of a strongly identifiable label with a slick, urban aesthetic that is highly regarded by industry professionals and customers alike. Each consecutive season has built upon the success of the last, and now in its seventh season, the brand has built up a loyal following of clients and collaborators worldwide.

“I think within the current, fluctuating fashion landscape, it is important to create a reactive business which can adapt and change to best suit its environment. Exploring alternative methods of running a fashion business and thinking outside of the box in terms of models and routes to market is something which I know the CFE will be supporting me with during the Fashion Pioneer Programme, and that is something which I feel incredibly excited about, and that I know will be invaluable to the brands progression.”​ Jenna Young​