We all live stressful lives with big decisions to make. And yet every morning we wake up asking ourselves “what should I wear today?”

Save your wardrobe is a disruptive digital wardrobe management app. This fashion tech startup mixes AI (Artificial Intelligence) with IoT (Internet of Things) to bring a new and innovative experience to their users and help them make the most of their wardrobe.

Save your wardrobe builds a digital wardrobe by instantly uploading their customers clothes from their online receipts found in their emails and online retailers accounts. They also provide an innovative and effortless solution to capture a new item using computer vision through their mobile app.

Save your wardrobe is bringing for the first time all the services needed around wardrobe management such as outfit recommendations, dry cleaning, alteration, selling and donating in a unique digital platform.

Their recommendation engine uses state of the art Machine Learning to automatically create new outfits based on what their customers already own, their lifestyle and sends proactive suggestions when it identifies any needs their customers have.

Save your wardrobe’s technology is game changing and has the potential to disrupt the industry and how people approach fashion consumption.

“Exciting six months spent on the CFE fashion tech pioneer programme. We had an outstanding support with very knowledgeable mentors & speakers during the workshops. This has really changed the way we are thinking at our business and helped us better address problems such as cashflow. More over, the endorsement from the CFE as being part of one of the supported startups is a great asset when you are an early stage business.”​ Save Your Wardrobe ​