Radius is mimicking one of the rarest human traits of all time – having an Aesthetic Eye.

The latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence allowed Radius to develop models of the most talented stylists and salespeople in fashion industry.

A zero-friction shopping experience is the golden-standard for today’s consumers thanks to digitalisation of services.

To bring fashion shopping to this desired level of convenience and even beyond, Radius provides various tools that were built upon its propriety A.I. models.

Radius also acknowledges the market challenges for micro and small retailers. For that reason, Radius positions itself to be as inclusive as possible, and offers additional niche solutions for smaller retailer segments.

Their Artificial Intelligence models were developed by the UK Data Scientist of the Year 2018 Award winner.

Using this sophisticated technology, retailers can now exploit the skills and abilities of best talents with one-click.

Previously, we have witnessed the positive impact CFE had on our partners in fashion industry. The wealth of expertise and transparency that we will be exposed to during the programme will ease our path for taking the business to a next level. That’s why, we are looking forward to walking this journey in CFE’s guidance for the upcoming months. Burak Capli Founder