NeuroCreate is developing a digital platform that uses neuroscience and AI to enable users to attain ‘Flow’ mental states, improving creative productivity, agile-thinking and flexible creative mindsets. This has profound implications on mental well-being and engagement.

Their FlowCreate™ Innovator, augments innovation and conceptualisation stages in the creative process creative including fashion design, using a ‘Symbiotic Human-centered Design with AI’ approach for intuitive tech augmentation of brainstorming sessions.

The Innovator combines AI, neuroscience and design-thinking frameworks to create a digital platform that accelerates ideation and Creative Flow.

NeuroCreate are using AI to spark human creativity:

– Stimulate lateral thinking and help explore different perspectives on a topic;

– Analyse ideas for emerging patterns and themes to converge on ideas to move forward with;

– Explore broader cultural and contextual ‘research-on- the-fly’;

– Create user journeys and brand stories

– Generates haikus and proverbs and references taglines to help with copywriting…

…all to augment the creative process and enhance cognitive performance.

I am incredibly excited to be a FashTech Pioneer. Through the programme I want to be able to refine our offering and message to attract creative investors, customers and forge partnerships within creative businesses Shama Rahman Founder