MAVIADA offers lifestyle luxury fine jewellery and semi-fine jewellery to women worldwide. MAVIADA currently showcases in Harvey Nichols in London and multiple Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts worldwide, AMAN hotels and St Regis Hotel in Puerto Rico. An international luxury jewellery brand based out of London, with designs that are inspired by the colours of the modern chic lifestyle of the Mediterranean,
MAVIADA showcases a sense of understated glamour and playful elegance. The jewellery consists of
precious, semi-precious stones in unique designs that have been stylishly brought together. We are
particularly known for our fantastic baroque Pearl designs with fabulous coloured gemstones of the finest quality. The name MAVIADA means blue island in Turkish which goes hand in hand with the inspired
effect we want out of our pieces….sophisticated colourful designs that are truly beautiful. Stylish jewellery suited for all-day, everyday, and most importantly, jewellery that can show a woman’s individuality. Our client knows who she is and what she wants ….she is not trend driven and wants craftsmanship, refined, clean designs.

We are thrilled to be joining the programme at the Centre for Fashion Enterprise and believe it will take our lifestyle luxury fine jewellery brand to the next level. MAVIADA ​