Little Black Door is an intelligent wardrobe inventory platform that opens up to a premium managed marketplace, giving users a digital wardrobe that allows them to play and value what they own and quickly swipe to sell or rent.

The LBD brand is female, an achiever, who champions the voice of other achievers, both female and male. She is future thinking, a chameleon in style, leaning towards a glossy and futuristic feel. She is a tech adopter. Educated, entrepreneurial, hardworking, she wants to make the most of life. She is inherently mischievous, understanding the value of her wardrobe and that it shouldn’t be a left to waste, but enjoys shopping. She is collaborative, generous and loving; she is aware of ecological topics like sustainability, choosing Uber over owning a car.

LBD is super excited to be part of the programme and feel that the timing of our participation is perfect for our current stage of development. To be selected by the CFE and to be associated with the London College of Fashion is a huge validation of our work and what we have planned. With the support of the programme we can further build our Beta product - an inventory platform with integrated valuation algorithms - which we plan to pilot in London in the next six months. From there we will look to release our MVP to the fashion community at large. Alexia-Anne Willetts Co-Founder