Kiren Passi Ltd is a luxury fashion label combining an innovative use of material and modern silhouettes. The brand is known for its integrity to design, product and community.

Kiren Passi innovates her fashion textiles through combining time-honoured craft with today’s most futuristic textile techniques. Her methods include silicone bonding, 3D printing, acrylic/wood moulding and digital stitching. Alongside these techniques, she uses natural fabrics such as silk and cotton.

Passi is pioneering a unique creative process that utilises 3D moulded silicone bonding to fabrics, providing structure and silhouette to lightweight garments. These technically accomplished surface materials have interested high profile international press such as Viewpoint magazine.

Desirable and comfortable design are important to Kiren Passi, as are creating modern silhouettes with cultural references as a base for surface textiles. Selecting the most luxurious natural fabrics to contrast with the more sporty fabrics including mesh bases creates a fresh combination of material on the skin.

“We are really excited to be part of the Fash-Tech Pioneer Programme, especially at this fundamental time in the business start up. Looking forward to the mentoring sessions and access to experts over the 6-month period, its going to be invaluable and will help us make good business decisions at this early stage. Having the opportunity to cross-pollinate with the other participants and network will be amazing!” ​ Kiren Passi​