Jessie studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and design, graduating in 2010. Whilst at the time creating conceptual audio installations, upon graduating Jessie had a desire to ‘physically’ create and launched the brand in the Spring of 2012.

The Jessie Harris collections are influenced by the concept of Retro Futurism; referencing structures, shapes and motifs of both the past and the future merged. The ethos of the brand is to bring a playful, light hearted approach to design, starting with simple shapes and introducing unexpected details, with the intention of creating pieces that will surprise and delight.

All Jessie Harris pieces are handcrafted in her East London studio.

​“The Jewellery Pioneer Programme will be an exciting opportunity to aid growth and development of my work. Taking both brand and business aspects into consideration, it is important to me for the foundations of the business to be as strong as the outward face of it.” ​Jessie Harris