For award winning designer Jessica de Lotz, her love for creating jewellery started at a young age. Largely inspired by her father, a military history bookseller whose antiquarian bookshop was at home, Jessica’s passion in scouring flea markets, car boot sales and antique fairs was innate and ultimately fuelled her creativity. Much of the recognition of Jessica’s work has grown from her signature hand-stamped and personalised wax seal jewellery collection, entitled ‘The Love Story, 1946′, which she has further developed into a bespoke crest and monogram service called “Jeweller for Life.” She also has various noteworthy collaborations under her belt from Smythsons to Peroni.

Last year, Jessica also opened her 1st jewellery boutique within her home neighbourhood of Kentish Town and within 3 months of opening, the shop was titled ’50 Best Boutiques in London’ by the Evening Standard.

​“Having been running JdL Jewellery for 8 years now, it is time for my business to have another serge of growth. This may by facilitated via outsourcing some of the manufacturing (within the UK), putting resources in check to make me feel for comfortable with delegating, growing my social media presence and having more of a hold on my finances. I need to get back to recognising the core of my brand and growing it again from the grass roots. I know this scheme will help me greatly to achieve this!” Jessica De Lotz