iKuria is a London-based fine jewellery brand launched by Ikuko Kurahone.

She conceived the idea to create fine jewellery during her previous occupation as a journalist in London and Tokyo. Wearing the right jewellery enables a woman to assert her individualism and style amid the vanilla sameness of a typical busy office, to be feminine and distinctive yet still conform to corporate dress codes. The fine materials used by iKuria make it possible to produce jewellery that is elegant and subtle yet sufficiently robust to withstand wear and tear amid the hustle and bustle of the working day and big city commuting.

She mainly works with pearl, opal, diamond and 18 karat gold. Her signature style is to accentuate natural form stones by lending them with graphic elements.

Since the launch of iKuria in 2012, its versatile jewellery, combining understated glamour with workday wearability, has been cherished by financially independent businesswomen in the bustling metropolises of London and Tokyo.

In April 2013, Ikuko became the first Japanese designer to be shortlisted for the New Designer of the Year of the UK Jewellery Awards. In 2015, her Laika collection was Highly Commended for the Pearl Collection of the Year.

​“I am extremely thrilled to be a part of the Jewellery Pioneer Programme. I came to the jewellery and design industry as a complete outsider. I was even told off by a course leader of a well-respected art school not to apply for a post graduate course in jewellery design because it would be too difficult for the faculty to educate someone with no design background like me. I used the money I had saved for tuition fees to set up my brand. Acceptance to this CFE programme has proven my brave decision was right! I would like to make most of the programme and I will do my best to take my business to next growth stage.” Ikuko Kurahone​