Are you struggling with identifying the right influencers for your campaign goals and measuring ROI for these campaigns? The recent researches show that the majority of brands are. Huedash is a customer engagement tool. It is the next generation future e-commerce solution either for fashion brands, retailers and creative agencies seeking to launch customer engagement strategies that work.

Huedash help brands turn their customers into active promoters of the brand. Since Huedash users own the products they are promoting, their recommendations are a lot more authentic and relateable.

Huedash works as a mobile app where people shop from peer photos and get rewarded for promoting their recent purchases. It provides precise ROI tracking, enables existing customers-ambassadors to share relevant content that sells to other customers and makes the path from discovery to purchase shorter and easier from browsing to purchasing. Huedash rewarding system is transparent where customers – ambassadors know precisely the outcome from their sale. Lastly, the Huedash tool is a source of data for future analytics on customer engagement for fashion brands, retailers and creative agencies.

Being in CFE Fashion Tech Pioneer programme, we are honoured, motivated and ready to learn from the professionals in the industry. We feel that CFE programme is the greatest opportunity to grow from start-up stage business and to achieve a lot in many strategic levels: partnership strategy, growth, marketing and digital strategy. Vilija Buteniene Founder