hours aim to create work imbued with the value of artisanal craft, to create progressive textiles and clothing which relate directly to a pure and universal reality. An antithesis of contemporary mass-culture, the brand is driven by the necessity to slow down and become fully conscious collectors, to invest in items designed to last a lifetime and cherish the narrative of passion and labour intrinsic to them.

hours see the necessity for the human hand to be fully involved in the process of creation to produce truly authentic work; the immediate act of working with one’s hands through a linear process allows the slow operation necessary for insight and experimentation.

Developing their own bespoke textiles and clothing in-house through handwoven and hand printed processes enables the brand to innovate ways of applying dimensional texture, pattern and colour to build a single body of work with a visceral and unified narrative.

hours shapes and silhouettes are directly informed by the fabric itself, a loose silhouette with considered detailing create a relaxed uniform with a generosity to proportion, showcasing an understated beauty that exists in the modest and intuitive.

​“We are incredibly pleased to be a part of the Fashion Pioneer Programme and recognize the invaluable benefit of being able to engage in the CFE’s mentoring workshops and gain the appropriate advice from experts to help tailor our business strategies and ensure we grow in a way that strengthens our brand vision.” hours