High Spirit Bags are fun and fashionable theft-proof backpacks with unique patented zipping designs in order to protect your possessions from theft and loss, particularly in busy areas and during travel.

In this day and age we are constantly faced with the threat of pickpocketing while travelling in big cities around the world. It is a crime that can ruin the holiday experiences of the consumer and High Spirit bags have now created a way to use fashion technology to solve this problem.

With the use of technology, this startup wishes to create and bring to market a theft-proof backpack that will protect possessions from theft and loss while on travels. They believe the technological fashion accessory will disrupt the accessories market in a positive way.

High Spirit was part of our CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech Programme from April 2015 – July 2015.

​“The CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech Programme gave us a new insight into the fashion industry.” – Joshua Okungbaiye​ High Spirit Founder​