Glitzbox is the UK’s first jewellery rental subscription service. Think Birchbox meets Netflix for quality jewellery discovery. Glitzbox are pioneering the access economy in the jewellery industry, creating an exciting service targeting the next generation of key consumers. Their hope is to encourage people to buy less, but buy better.

How it works?

Members sign up for a monthly fee and fill out a style quiz. Glitzbox then sends them a curated box with three pieces of jewellery, matching their preferences. Members can wear the jewellery for the month and then decide whether they would like to buy or return any of the pieces. This is revolutionising the way people buy and discover jewellery, giving Glitzbox members the luxury of wearing three pieces of quality jewellery a month, for a fraction of the retail price.

For emerging designers, Glitzbox are bridging the gap between selling online and offline, allowing designers to stand out in a saturated marked. This includes access to invaluable insights, trends and data based on customer feedback and purchase patterns.

“I absolutely loved being part of the FashTech programme. As a solo-founder it really helped me put my plans into actions and face areas of the business that weren’t my strong suit. I found the one to ones the most helpful as I was really able to deep dive into areas such as finance, brand story and business models with an expert. They all took the time to learn what Glitzbox is about and give me real and constructive advice. Retrospectively I’ve realised I probably launched my business too early, but with the help from the CFE I know which areas need improvement before I can successfully grow and scale. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough! “​ Tamsin Ivy Gordon​