Gilded Lab gives customers the tools to create their own jewellery without the retail markups. Once a base design is chosen, Gilded Lab’s digital design tool lets the customer decide the shape, metal, stone, size, and engraving. Gilded Lab’s current range offers over 40,000 combinations in only the finest metals and gemstones—from sterling silver & 18k gold to blue sapphires & rose-cut diamonds. Once a design is finalised, Gilded Lab custom-makes the selection, and delivers it directly to the customer’s doorstep in 5-6 weeks.

Guilded Lab is passionate about jewellery that is crafted to last a lifetime – whether it is made in sterling silver or 18 karat gold. Each piece of jewellery is individually hand crafted to the highest standards and Guilded Lab has searched the globe for the best craftsmen – the very same ones that produce your favourite designer jewellery.

“CFE Fashtech is the only programme of its kind that offers proven business support in both the fashion and tech industries. We look forward to accessing this vaulted business expertise to set the right foundations for launching a successful business.” ​ Gilded Lab​