Flair Atelier is an intuitive online platform enabling women to customise garments that perfectly reflect their style and fit. Thanks to a user-friendly customising tool, developed using the latest technology that soon will be offering also a 3D visualisation, the shopping experience is seamless and intuitive; the client, before completing the purchase, can request swatches of the fabrics as well as the help of a “travelling tailor” to make sure her measures are right so the dress will be surely a perfect fit.

Flair Atelier stands as a revolution in fashion: thanks to a winning combination of technology and
craftsmanship, the client can create her perfect dress directly from her laptop or even from her phone, and receive, in a very short time, a tailor made, high quality product without the time consumption and the price tag of a traditional tailor.

“I believe this programme is perfect for us at this stage, to help us grow and wok towards our ambitious plans! Flair Atelier was born from the idea of combining full personalisations and zero waste, sustainable production. After developing our platform and the first collections together with a great team of professionals, all our efforts in the next year will be devoted to create brand equity and to launch the brand. We are looking for the capital to grow and to build new strategic and sales partnerships with other brands. We are very keen on the possibility of having mentorship and to make the best of the vast knowledge of the experts at CFE.”​ Flair Atelier​