Fashion brands spend a lot of time and money on working with influencers, but usually get one-off exposure on social media, which vanishes as quick as in few days. It’s such a hassle for brands and their PR/brand agencies to chase these influencer endorsements.

This is where FavourUp comes in. FavourUp is a web platform that helps fashion brands collect all their influencer generated content and showcase it on brands’ e-commerce website.

Customers are able to see all the brand’s influencer endorsements when they are shopping. The influencer endorsements not only project authenticity of the brand, but also provide a rich source of inspiration for customers to come up with ideas of how they can dress in an outfit with the product. This makes it so much easier for customers to make final buying decisions, and of course, they buy more.

Image Credit: Sanne Glasbergen Photography

“There’s a strong sense of belonging at CFE that you just haven’t found in most fashion-industry circles. Strategy consulting, marketing band branding resources, and an awesome community of fellow fashion and tech entrepreneurs are a few of the benefits that are provided by CFE. Another strength of CFE is that they work both with fashion designers and tech entrepreneurs. There are many scenarios where you could find synergy while attending the sessions. By being surrounded by designers and brand owners, we have been able to improve our product with the continuous feedback given by the CFE fellows. I feel very lucky to be a member of this incredible community, and would recommend all fashion tech startups that are seeking resources to grow to apply for the programme immediately!” Veronica Chang​