Esin Akan designs convertible leather handbags – for urban women – that are easy to transition from work to evening, weekdays to weekends and help women look elegant and stylish at all times.

Esin Akan launched her eponymous London based label in 2012 during her MBA at London Business School after winning the Top Business Award. Having worked for Burberry and Anya Hindmarch, Esin formed a wealth of knowledge within the luxury handbags industry for over ten years. A graduate of Accessories Design, IMB in Milan and Central Saint Martins in London, Esin developed her first collection with the top leather handbag suppliers in Europe.

Akan describes her design ambition as “helping busy women look confident and stylish in every situation; from a client meeting to an invitation in the evening, from a busy day at work to a weekend break in Paris…” creating bags that remain elegant and timeless.

Since the launch the brand has won many awards, the most recent award being “The Best Designer Bag Brand- UK” by Lux 2017, Global Excellence Award. The brand has been featured by well-known magazines including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, Elle, Red. The collaborations and publicity with well-known influential women and bloggers such as Meghan Markle, Lorna Lux, Sarah Mikaela, Dreaming of Channel, Eimear Varian Barry, Mariko Kuo have increased the brand awareness.

"We have been approached by many investors so far and we never took it very seriously as we did not know what exactly we wanted and needed as well as the legal side of things…I hope the BBE programme will help us to fine tune what funding option is right for us, how we will access such sources, how we will pitch our business to the right people and come to an agreement. The BBE programme will help us to figure out how we could grow sustainably with the right funding option. More than anything it will give us the much-needed confidence and clarification on how we shall grow. " Esin Akan Founder