MONTAGUE is the design studio and eponymous collection of jewellery and eyewear by creative director Emma Montague.

Drawing from her dual heritage, the Danish-Australian designer’s collections reveal a striking juxtaposition between the raw and refined, a sense of irreverence and avant-garde aesthetic.

Montague’s acutely honed eye shifts in scale and dimension with an intuitive and unified narrative – from designing finely crafted products to curating their space, image and experience – this hybrid practice is guided by a strong emphasis on materiality, experimentation and collaboration.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art (MA in Jewellery, 2012) Montague has collaborated with international creative brands and her work has been showcased in high end stores and galleries in Seoul, Paris, New York, Milan, London and Hong Kong.

In 2017 Montague was a selected finalist for the inaugural fashion accessories award at the 32nd Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography.

​“I am very excited and grateful to be a part of the CFE Jewellery Pioneer Programme. Seeing such rapid changes in the industry and a challenging market, I feel it is necessary to now question the status quo, and I look forward to working closely with mentors as I re-structure my business.” ​Emma Montague