EMEL+ARIS was founded in 2015 to close the gap between fashion and function with luxury life-enhancing ‘wearable technology’. At EMEL+ARIS they believe innovation in design and technology, when seamlessly integrated within a garment, can add benefits and enhance life. The first product from EMEL+ARIS is the Smart Coat – the answer to variable weather dressing dilemmas. Combining a beautiful cut and luxury fabrics with revolutionary heat technology, the Smart Coat puts the wearer in control of the temperature without compromising on style.

“Being on the FashTech Pioneer programme has given us the information and practical skills to ensure our journey from startup to investable business is smoother and more successful. We are better informed to produce a quality product, have more insight into how to reach and communicate with our customer and most importantly well prepared to attract investors.“ ​ EMEL+ARIS​