Doppelhaus takes advantage of modern nonwoven technologies in order to create Cloudwool™, a sustainable and innovative textile, which helps relieve increasing pressure on the textile industry to meet ecological standards. All fabrics in the collection are made from sheep’s wool, the material from which the original nonwoven fabric, felt, was constructed.

Nowadays British wool is struggling to compete in the global market and farmers often make a loss from the sale of their wool. Doppelhaus aims to increase demand for local wool through innovative textile design. Cloudwool™ is a lighter fabric with improved drape, and could act as a replacement for felted fabrics such as boiled wool, which first requires spinning and weaving. As nonwoven methods are cheaper and more efficient, going directly from fibre to fabric, it should be possible to establish a transparent domestic production chain, which could support the dwindling British textile industry, as well as offering a positive economic and ecological contribution to the fashion industry.

Image Credit: Pascal Emmeran

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