Crux London is the creation of British jewellery designer Katie Woodward. Driven by her magpie-like search for contemporary sparkle, her designs bring a decadent twist to clean, modern luxury.

Katie trained as a jeweller in London for many years building her first collection around her signature signet ring. After enjoying an overwhelming response to her first pieces from customers, celebrities and fashion editors, Crux was born.

​“I’m incredibly excited to learn how I can elevate my business to the next level. I have worked very hard up to this point to build what I feel is a respectable and desirable brand, but I’m now very aware that I need to concentrate on strategy and that I need to approach my company from a deeply considered point of view in order for it to grow. The foundations are there in terms of the aesthetics and authenticity but I would now like to refine and perfect the management of the company ‘behind the scenes’.” Katie Woodward ​