Clarice Price Thomas launched her eponymous jewellery label in 2012. The daughter of a watch and clock maker, she grew up in Norfolk, surrounded by the traditional machines her father used for his work. This instilled a fascination with the mechanics of design that is central to her distinct visual language. Several years working in the jewellery industry and training at the bench sharpened her skills.

Clarice produces biannual collections based around a single theme – a silver collection in September is followed by a fine jewellery collection in February, allowing her to refine and distil her designs over time. She specialises in crafting bespoke commissions, working closely with her clients to conceive one-of-a-kind designs. Every piece is imagined, meticulously handcrafted and finished in her studio in East London.

Both an artisan and a designer, for Clarice invention and creation are inextricably linked; craftsmanship underpins every element of her collections. Celebrating the beauty of function and drawing on her mechanical heritage, she allows her process to be guided by the machinery she uses, constantly experimenting with horological and engineering techniques.

It is this unique fusion of traditional jeweller’s techniques and machine processes combined with Clarice’s honed eye for form and detail that informs her markedly architectural aesthetic – clean lines and repeated geometric shapes are signature motifs. Exactitude is innate – razor sharp edges, highly polished surfaces and an impeccable finish are brand hallmarks.