Chicmi started covering London’s fashion events in Spring 2015. In just 3 years, it has expanded to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, becoming the biggest fashion event discovery site in the US and UK.

Chicmi are now a profitable business – driving 500k visits per month; reaching 100k+ subscribers; working with over 6000 fashion brands, generating 6-figure revenues and achieving 160% growth year-on-year.

As well as expanding into other fashion capitals, Chicmi also launches Mayaia in 2019.

Mayaia disrupts the way consumers shop for fashion on a global scale, promoting a conscious solution to enjoy fashion while saving the earth and supporting ethical and talented designers.

2019 is a crucial year for Chicmi, as we seek to accelerate our growth. The programme is coming at exactly the right time. We’re only one session in and we’ve already implement key insights into our day-to-day business and future planning! We can’t wait to learn more and progress! Jamie Brown CEO