BECOCO is a virtual fashion styling platform that helps you shop based on your personal body shape and unique natural skin tone. Their aim is to reduce the amount of online clothing returns for retailers, whilst making women feel more confident by only recommending clothes that suit their individual body shape and colour complexion. For the first time, an autonomous and digital decision making system will be built employing AI, more specifically, employing new techniques from the fields of computer vision and machine learning. The specific marriage of exploratory segmentation techniques with innovative deep learning and its application to the presented classification strategy, is where the progressive innovation lies. This makes their proposed platform distinctly more powerful than any other platform available to consumers today.

“CFE’s program was the perfect fit for BECOCO – having secured the tech grant from Innovate UK, we were looking to further develop the marketing and branding side of the business and extend our network within the fashion industry. Having a real investor with plenty of experience as a coach for our investment pitches was a great benefit for us!”​ Katharina Vandamme-Eybesfeld​