AWAYTOMARS is a crowdsourcing platform that opens up the fashion industry to all. Founded in 2015, the company outsources the initial stages of the creative process to the general public, allowing them to concentrate solely on the generation of innovative and interesting ideas. AWAYTOMARS receives the public’s prototype drawings and ideas online and manages everything that follows: working with technical experts to bring the pieces to life, organising a crowdfunding campaign for each product, overseeing the whole production process, and finally hosting the finished item on its sales portal. Thanks to their unique founding principles of open innovation and crowdsourcing, everyone across the globe now has equal opportunity to submit their own ideas for fashion products.

“As a fresh startup we’re looking forward to benefiting from the CFE mentors’ years of experience in a variety of sectors. We want to build collaborative relationships with them and the other programme participants. We’re hoping to use the opportunities provided by taking part to challenge ourselves and develop a strong, positive and sustainable brand offer for our community members and for the fashion industry” ​ AWAYTOMARS​