Abi Insoll is an independent designer and maker of fine jewellery, working with platinum, gold and occasionally silver, often paired with precious and semi-precious stones. The beauty, brilliance and inspirational quality of the precious and semi-precious gemstones and combining these with the strength and flexibility of precious metal, has inspired her to create delicate and timeless elegant collections of fine jewellery.

Abi Insoll also offers a bespoke service where she will meet the client and discus their requirements and then designs a unique piece for them. Whether it is reworking an inherited but unloved family piece or creating a new one off future heirloom.

Abi Insoll studio is situated on Eel Pie Island which is a colourful, thriving and inspirational island on the Thames, where everything is handmade, and finished pieces are sold either through, local retailers or through a growing personal bespoke design and make service.

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to take part in the Jewellery Pioneer Programme. The programme will enable my business to move forward and help to expand upon what I already have. I have naturally been producing more Fine Jewellery due to client demand and would like to concentrate on this area. I would love the opportunity to build up my collections and learn how to fully promote my work. It will be amazing to be given the opportunity to be guided and nurtured, as my business and work develops. I feel I am at the point of being ready to progress and grow and the help this course gives me is invaluable.​