Meet Our New Fashion Pioneers

CFE is delighted to announce our latest recruits for the Fashion Pioneer programme. Designers Ovelia Transtoto, Mimi Wade, Per GötessonA.V.ROBERTSON, Caine London and Tuğcan Dökmen are the newest businesses to join the six-month programme, which is specifically designed to offer brands a wide range of business support. The programme nurtures designer labels, identifying and providing solutions for some of the issues that may be stifling growth in the early stages of business.

Tuğcan Dökmen comments:

“I am excited to be on this very helpful programme. After years of design education and creativity-focused training, it is a whole new -and mostly overwhelming- world to form a sustainable business structure that allows you to have time to carry on exploring your creative boundaries. I am very grateful to receive feedback and mentoring from CFE professionals during the early stages of my business.”

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