Do you have a question about the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, and the ways in which we support fashion and FashTech businesses? If you don’t see your question answered below, please email us at fashion.enterprise@fashion.artf.ac.uk

How do I apply for the programme?
Click the ‘Apply’ link on the programme page to start filling the application form.
I have registered my business but I don’t have the sales?

Please use our ‘Programme Finder’ tool to help you find the right programme.

When can I apply?
Unless stated otherwise, programmes are open all year round with deadlines set for each programme iteration.
Is there any flexibility in the criteria?
There is no flexibility on criteria.
There is no flexibility on criteria. My business is based outside of London, can I apply for a programme?
At present, business support programmes are only available to businesses operating in the London area.
How much does it cost to receive business support?
All our programmes are fully subsidised by our European funding and is at no cost to supported businesses. In short – they are free!
Is it possible to meet with someone from the team to get some advice about my business?
All seminars, lectures and workshops etc. that CFE offer are incorporated within our programmes and therefore only successful applicants on those programmes are able to participate and receive business support.
Why do you need so much evidence about my business?

As all our current programmes are funded by the European Regional Development Fund we need to submit evidence to our funder.

Can I use an electronic signature?

It is a requirement of ERDF that all paperwork must have a wet signature. This includes:

  • Application forms
  • Signing in sheets from attendance of workshops
  • Meeting review and feedback forms following 1-1’s
  • State aid certificate on completion of the programme
  • Any other relevant correspondence
Does CFE take any equity upon joining a program?
  • the CFE does not take any equity.
Can we have access to some of the CFE perks without being on pioneer or accelerate?

No. CFE perks are only available to businesses on Pioneer + programmes.

What tech support is available on the FashTech programmes?

Our fashtech programmes are unique to other tech accelerators as these are specifically designed to help non-fashion founders understand the fashion industry and help them develop their value proposition/MVP for a fashion audience. We don’t offer tech support but help tech start-ups understand and refine their offering for the fashion industry.

Do I need to be a limited company?

Businesses registered as a Sole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership are eligible to receive business support from CFE programmes.