Announcing our Partnership with Fashion Tech Toronto

As advances in technology continue to break down international barriers, Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) has made it a mission to cultivate a global fashion tech community. We know that collaboration is essential to innovation, which is why we are very happy to announce our new partnership with Fashion Tech Toronto.Recently named the fastest-growing-tech-jobs market in 2017 by CBRE Group Inc., Toronto is a hub for great tech talent and business opportunity.

Fashion Tech Toronto was established by Ashley Barby, in 2017, as a way to connect both fashion and technology sectors through an ongoing, immersive event series. As Barby states, “The most exciting thing about fashion embracing technology is that it enables us to connect as a global community across all markets.” Past events have featured speakers from companies such as Shopify, Tulip Retail and ModiFace.

Our partnership with Fashion Tech Toronto stems from a rooted belief that sharing of knowledge and resources is essential to foster SME growth. We will be joining forces to deliver a Facebook Live series, educating CFE businesses and beyond on potential opportunities to infiltrate North American markets. We envision this FB live series as a great flexible learning tool that is easily accessible with curated expertise from worldwide guest speakers.

Barby says, “We are thrilled to be working alongside the Centre for Fashion Enterprise to build a global fashion technology community and nurture emerging companies within this industry. CFE’s eye towards nurturing innovation by new and emerging fashion businesses, while building on their legacy as one of the world’s leading fashion incubators, demonstrates the potential for growth in this industry.”

We are looking forward to developing this new resource and to our partnership with Fashion Tech Toronto.

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