CFE designers discuss the grit behind the glamour

CFE Breakfast Panel-103

On the 29th of January, we hosted an intimate press breakfast and panel discussion with Accelerate designers Charles Jeffrey, Molly Goddard and Ryan Mario Yasin of Petit Pli. These CFE-supported designers discussed the experience of running their own businesses and how they balance this with creative and integrity. The discussion offered insight into CFE and its unparalleled support for London-based designers. Chaired by fashion journalist, Jessica Bumpus, we’ve captured some of the key quotes from the morning.

The Designers, on CFE…

“CFE offers a platform of mentors to interact with, which is amazing to be a part of when you start. When I began I was doing it from my bedroom pretending to know what I’m doing, but now I have confidence in myself and my team.” – Charles Jeffrey

“The support isn’t just for me, it’s for the whole team so everyone gets to grow.” – Molly Goddard

“CFE has given us a strong fundamental structure of how to build a business. It’s given us space, which has been hugely beneficial as it’s allowed us to grow. We needed a lot of insight into the fashion industry – coming from an engineering background, I really needed that. It’s also given us the space to design more and to grow a team, enabling us to collaborate in one space.” – Ryan Mario Yasin, Petit Pli


On the challenges of running a business…

“Everything in business is an equation to solve and you just need to understand the different variables to make the right decision.” – Ryan Mario Yasin, Petit Pli


On CFE’s coaching offer…

“Coaching helps map out your thoughts and intentions for your business, but it also helps to get your emotions in check – it’s a safe space. I find these sessions most useful and rewarding” – Charles Jeffrey

 “Charles, you said coaching is like therapy for your business. It’s true, being able to sit down and plan things and decide what you want your business to be is great. Coaching is talking you through it rather than telling you what to do. It can be from how to manage interns to a five year plan.” – Molly Goddard


On the hidden benefits of CFE…

“Community. We (me and Ryan) are neighbours and it’s amazing to have that. Helping each other and supporting each other to grow.” – Charles Jeffrey


On sustainability…

“Sustainability is at the core of our business. We put 7 sizes into a single garment. Embedding the psychological values of longevity is very important. When I design, I’m drawn to human needs. I’m focused on making product that benefits the humanity without an adverse effect on the environment.” – Ryan Mario Yasin, Petit Pli

 “We manufacture in the U.K. and our fabrics are all from the EU. We produce to order, with as little waste as possible and try to practise sustainability in the studio” – Molly Goddard


To find out more about the Accelerate Programme please visit: CFE Fashion Accelerate

Image credit: Amanda Hawkins